March Matness- Rocking

Dear Rocking,

I remember those days long ago in Studio A at Nashville Ballet. I knew I was a good dancer but I did not feel like anyone recognized that. So I had very little confidence. Then you came along Rocking. I was confused at first. But once I figured you out there was loads of confidence. I knew that we worked really well together and when you showed up in Mat class, so did a smile on my face. Since I was a kid I have loved anything that rocks, chairs, horses, anything. So maybe that is why we get along so well.

I am under the mosaic dragon at Fannie Mae Dees Park, better known as the Dragon Park. My parents used to bring my brother and I here when we needed a change from Centennial Park and more to climb on. I just found out that the Dragon was constructed the year I was born. A few years ago the poor worn out dragon was fenced off, much like I was myself, because it needed serious repairs. There was a lot of money needed to fix the dragon. But it happened just like most things in Nashville, with a grassroots effort. Funny enough, the repair started right about the same time my own repair began. Just over a year ago the project was completed and dragon was unveiled, restored and better than before. Thank you Dragon for being an important part of my childhood and for sticking around to be the same for countless children to come.