March Matness- Saw

Dear Saw,

You take the twist from the Corkscrew and add it to the Spine Stretch. I love teaching this exercise by starting with the Spine Stretch and asking people to twist it. They often make a sound to express their aha moment when the find the similarities. You and the Spine Stretch are like twins that are not identical. There are things that are similar: structure and position of the body. But there is always that one thing. Twins always know exactly what makes them different. Saw, you are like the twin that is a little edgy. You like to provide a challenge to anyone that shows up. "Twist your spine and your arms," you say. But there is something going on with the things you can’t see. Like the hip you are twisting away from and the arm that is behind you. “Don’t forget about that stuff you can’t see,” you whisper to me.

Saw, you are always under construction. Just like the Parthenon was for most of my time growing up in Nashville. I barely remembered that there was a museum inside that I visited maybe once as a child. Then you were all boarded up and covered in wires so you could get some serious rehab. Much like my Pilates practice when I first went to college. There was not much time for the Hundred when I was working full time and going to school full time. But I found lots of surprises when the Parthenon finally opened again and my Pilates practice was revived. I found a giant Athena statue inside and I found I was much stronger than I thought when I finally returned to the mat. 

One year ago today I discovered Jenna Zaffino, through her Saw post and the magic of March Matness. Jenna, when I think about how much cutting, building and creating that has occurred since that day, I realize how apropos that post was. My life has changed for the better. March Matness really does bring us together. 



Photography by Jennifer Gouge