March Matness- Hip Twist

Dear Hip Twist,

Today is my birthday, so it’s only fitting one of my favorites is represented. On this day I was born butt first and backwards, dislocating my right hip in the process. The doctor put it back in slightly the wrong place so I’ve had hip issues most of my life. But dear Hip Twist, we get along really well despite all that. I have a lot of flexibility in my hips, usually. So I can get my legs way up close to my face. Once I developed more strength in the back of my legs, I could get my legs a lot closer to the ground too. There is a lot of stamina needed to transition into Hip Twist without returning to the mat from the last Teaser. Despite the challenge it’s one of my favorite transitions. There is so much satisfaction in conquering this one.

War Memorial auditorium is another one of my favorite places in Nashville. I preformed here with the school choir as a kid. This has been a location for the Southern Festival of Books for as long as I can remember. I’ve been to concerts, comedy and even professional wrestling events here. Yes really. I’ve seen Conan O’Brien, Sonia Sotomayor, Audrey Niffenegger, Rebecca Wells, Chuck Palahniuk and countless others here. I’ve laughed, cried, been inspired and met my heros. I bought way too many books outside on the plaza.  I’ve used the wisdom I learned from the people I heard speak or entertain here to make my own tough transitions in life.

I’ve often found that when I’m presented with what seems like a problem, there is often a twist. Lately, the “problems” have been their own problem solving solutions for other things. Just like the Hip Twist, the transitions aren’t easy. But doing the work to get to the other side is worth it.



Photography by Jennifer Gouge