March Matness- Control Balance

Dear Control Balance,

You were the exercise last year that I was so discouraged I couldn’t do. After a couple of failed attempts and a very loud sigh, I decided things were changing. If there was one thing I would do the next year, I would be able do all the Mat exercises again and participate in @marchmatness for the first time. So I started over again with Beginner work on a more regular basis. And had to start again. But I did it. I became stronger. I worked my way back up again. Then one day @paulapgn and @thrivepilatesnashville asked me to join them paracting for their Advanced Reformer test. I said I would try. Once again I did it. The whole thing in record time.

It’s important to listen to your body and learn to trust it. My body needed a break. When it was ready to go again I did the work. If my body has said stick with Beginner I would have. But it gently encouraged me to keep trying. Because I listened to my body it responded better. Listening during my Pilates practice helped me to listen better outside of that. I made huge changes over the past year. Pilates has been a constant within that. Because I was able to trust my body within Pilates, I was able to make those changes outside of my body too. Now everything looks different.

Cheekwood is a place where I practice trust with nature. I am a lover of trees, flowers, plants and art that Cheekwood is known for. But I do not trust being out in it. This is a big deal for me to be on the ground, mat or not, in nature. There are ticks and Lyme Disease in nature and that could prove fatal if I am infected again. But Cheekwood is the place I love so much, I will work on my trust in nature and that it will all be ok.




Photography by Jennifer Gouge