March Matness- Swan Dive

Dear Swan Dive,

With your potential as a rocking exercise, there was a whole lot of rolling around and falling off the mat during the early days of our relationship. Then there were the years I refused to do the exercise on the squishy Tower Mat and moved myself to the floor instead to get something to happen. I was much more successful there. Now in the later years of our relationship I have found I can rock and get some good extension through my back. What I had to let go of in order to do that was hesitation. I just go for it and accept whatever you have to offer me that day. Because I have nothing to prove. This is just about me and you. Now that we’ve been together for over twenty years I can have a successful dive wherever I try.

Even next to a pond with some actual swans (not pictured). I often wonder if the ducks and swans at Centennial Park now, are related to the ones I used to feed as a child whenever my mom would bring my brother and I to the park in the summer. Centennial Park has been a staple in my life. After choir rehearsal at War Memorial Auditorium with school, we had a picnic in the park as a treat and time to run around before the show. When I first moved back to Nashville from New York, I often went to Centennial Park to walk, as I missed walking everywhere. I missed Centennial Park when I was in New York. Visiting the park after moving back was a great way to return to my roots.



Photography by Jennifer Gouge