Heather Holloway McCash
Heather Holloway McCash

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But First: A memoir of a backwards life
By Heather Holloway McCash

I am a Certified Pilates Instructor, Author of But First... A Memoir of a Backwards Life and a survivor of Lyme Disease. I live in Nashville, TN with my husband Steven. Aside from Pilates and writing, I enjoy reading, essential oils (especially lavender) the arts and Predators Hockey! 


"An interesting and mostly fun read. Heather reminds me of a modern-day "That Girl" whose trials include everything from dating to career to chronic illness." - Kathy

"What a great pool book! The New York City life vignettes of a pint-sized powerhouse author had me laughing a dozen times & prepared me for sober topic of "Ticked Off (Summer 2006). Heather definitely has a way with words, and the description of her battle with Lyme Disease is probably the most eloquent of all."- Robbie Grayson 

"Heather's memoir was sprouted with moments of triumph as well as defeat! It's an honest story filled with perseverance. I laughed, shed tears, and closed the book encouraged! No matter your journey, this is a book you'll want to add to your bookshelf." - Amazon Customer



"Heather is awesome! She really takes the time to make sure your positioning is correct and that you understand why you should be positioned in such a way." - Pilates Client

"Love this workout! There is not barre class that compares! Love Heather! She's great at keeping your form correct and making the class hard!" - Xtend Barre Client

"Great class. A lot of positive feedback and help if you are struggling or need improvement! Good combo of strength and enough cardio to get your heart pumping!" - TRX Client