March Matness- Spine Stretch

Dear Spine Stretch,

You taught me to think about the name of the exercise when doing and teaching. Do I feel a Spine Stretch in my body? Do I see it in my students body? This is where I started to ask questions of clients. You can be so easily taken for granted. But I do my best to find the stretch in my spine. I also love getting creative with your cues. There is an elaborate story about Santa Claus. There is another story involving a table and gum. Both are extremely effective in finding the stretch in the spine. These days my spine needs all the stretch it can get and you give me what I need.

Here I am behind The Union Station Hotel, which used to be an actual train station. There are no more long distance passenger trains in Nashville. One of the things that was new when I moved back to Nashville was the Gulch neighborhood. It is behind the hotel and the train tracks. A friend drove me around showing me the things a youngish, single, woman in her twenties would need to know and the Gulch is what stuck out to me from that night. The Gulch has housed many celebrations including my party when I was certified in Pilates, dinner after my engagement with Steven, our engagement party and Maggie’s  Bachelorette evening.

Thank you Nashville for growing up in my absence and becoming a place I didn’t want to leave. You certainly taught me to love myself and to stretch my spine. It’s much stronger now and more study.



Photography by Jennifer Gouge