March Matness- Seal and Crab

Dear Seal and Crab,

You animals are wild alright. With the clapping and the rolling around on your head there are some interesting things happening. I tell my students some days are Seal days, some days are not. Because Seal, there are days when you just don’t cooperate. But that’s ok. Not everyday is a nail it day. There is a lot to learn from the days that are more challenging. Full disclosure, I never teach the Crab. We are just casual acquaintances.

The Parthenon and I are old friends though. I thought it was funny as a little kid, when I learned the original Parthenon was in Greece. This recreation was made for the Centennial of Tennessee, because Nashville was considered the Athens of the South. Just like TPAC, I have grown up going to The Parthenon. Some days after a performance at TPAC during the day for students, I would go to the Centennial Park to walk around The Parthenon and kill time before the evening show. If you check out The Parthenon make sure you go to the art museum inside. There is a very impressive recreation of Athena that is 42 feet tall. Thank you Parthenon for being one of the coolest parts of Nashville. I will never tire of you.




Photography by Jennifer Gouge