March Matness- Rocker With Open Legs

Dear Rocker with Open Legs,

I will never forget the day when our teacher trainer Sylvia said during a training weekend, “If you can’t hold onto your ankles during this exercise, without letting go you will not pass your final test.” Without hesitation I replied, “Well, I’ll never pass my test.” Oh the fights we’ve had over the years. I tried so many things to get you to cooperate, not just with me but with students too. You taught me how to use opposition to my advantage. I learned how pushing my hands with my legs and also pulling my legs with my hands helped me to keep an open chest and keep my hands were they were supposed to be. The thing about Pilates is there is always a challenge somewhere. But there is also a solution. You helped me find a multitude of solutions to get this exercise to work for people. Like many things, I’ve found how much I really love you despite all my protest. 

The thing I have most protested throughout my life in Nashville is the Grand Ole Opry. I was proud of the fact that I had never been. But just like I never say no to a challenge, I never say no to live music, especially if it’s free. I broke my streak and attended the Opry this summer. Twice. The first time my dad went with me. Even though he used to work there, he had never sat in the seats to watch either. I actually cried, I loved it so much. Probably just as much as I cried when I successfully passed my final test for my Pilates Certification. And yes the Rocker with Open Legs was satisfactorily completed. 



Photography by Jennifer Gouge