March Matness- Neck Pull

Dear Neck Pull,

You really remind me of how challenging Pilates is once you pass a certain threshold building the basics. The first time I tried you on a Tower Mat, with a strap as an adult, I was astounded at how much easier it was. The strap is dear supportive friend. Learning the Neck Pull with no support and having trouble with the Roll Up in the first place was not a fun way to spend my teen years. I am a better person for the struggle. Now I can sometimes do it without a strap. Just like the Double Leg Kick you help me get stronger in the back of my body. I love how the Double Leg Kick is prone and then you flip right around for the Neck Pull and work against gravity in the opposite direction. The Single and Double Leg Kick help prepare the back of the body for pressing into the mat for the challenge of the Neck Pull.

The Schermerhorn Symphony Center did not open until I had been living in New York for a while. Aside from The Ryman Auditorium, this is one of my favorite places for concerts in Nashville. The first time I went to the Schermerhorn, I saw the Symphony of a Thousand and it was spectacular. I almost didn’t make it due to a wardrobe malfunction. But that’s another story.




Photography by Jennifer Gouge