March Matness- Corkscrew

Dear Corkscrew,

I know you for what you really are. You are the One Leg Circles put together with a twist. Sometimes a lift of the hips. I love that you are introduced in the beginning of the journey with Pilates. But our relationship changes and evolves as time goes on. Little lifts are added to see how the rest of the body reacts to added challenge. When the base of the head and shoulders is stabilized enough, you have to come in and try to mess that up with even more challenge to the stability of the upper body and strength of the lower body. A question is posed, “Would you like to lift your hips further and see if you can get your bottom ribs off the mat? What about taking your legs overhead?” Then it is up to us to decide if we disturb the stability and add challenge. But at the end of the day I know what you are at your heart. The One Leg Circles combined. 

Frist Art Museum, I know what you really were. You were originally a beautiful Art Deco US Post Office. Then the Frist Foundation decided to gift the city with a museum and our relationship changed. The building was beautiful without any addition of art. But the art that is showcased is more moving and provocative every year. You are a combination of a place to consider and to create. Can’t say I haven’t snuck into the kids section to make some art of my own. Thank you Frist for adding the twist to an old post office. 



Photography by Jennifer Gouge