March Matness- One Leg Stretch

Dear One Leg Stretch,

Do you remember that time when I was teaching my mom mat at home after leaving her do her own practice for a month or two? I asked her to do your exercise and she looked at me confused, “What is that?”

I explained and she said “Oh, Knee.” She decided that was what you were called, Knee. I just shook my head and laughed. This was the beginning of me getting out of the, everything needs to be perfect mindset. I realized that the important thing was that my mom was making time to do Pilates on her own. Was it perfect? Was she always doing it in the right order? Was she always calling it the right names? No, no and no. Did any of that matter? Absolutely not. I don’t think you mind so much if people rename you. As long as the essence is there. You just want people to do Pilates.

Do Pilates on a bridge if you want to! This is the John Sigenthaler Pedistrian Bridge. I’ve walked across this bridge many times with many important people in my life. Thank you Pilates for being a bridge in my life. For helping fall in love with my practice, my body, my people and my city.



Photography by Jennifer Gouge