March Matness- Double Leg Stretch

Dear Double Leg Stretch,

You are one of the hardest exercises to teach to a new student. To me, this is where coordination becomes challenging. Sometimes my practiced students even forget what they are doing with you. Breaking it down is often helpful. I tell my students to imagine they are about to jump off a diving board. They reach their arms overhead and stretch their legs for the jump. Then they pull their arms and legs in to land without a splash. Your essence is seen throughout the method. I see it in Swimming, the Backstroke and Swan in its many forms. I try to hold up your integrity during the exercise and throughout the method.

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens is place of true Nashville integrity and one of my favorite places. My parents would bring my brother and I at Christmas time for the Trees of Christmas. We would get dressed up and eat at the Pineapple room. I loved every minute of it. I still love going to Cheekwood. I especially enjoy their nighttime programs and anything involving lights. I will go anytime of the year. I never say no to Cheekwood. And I never say no to the Double Leg Stretch.



Photography by Jennifer Gouge