March Matness- Rolling Back

Dear Rolling Back,

Our relationship has mostly been complicated due to hip and spine issues. After working with the stability of One Leg Circles you challenge me with the rolling back and forth. You help me find out what is happening with my hips. If I was having a bad hip day at at ballet, I would often roll all over the mat during this exercise. A few times I actually fell off. Thankfully the mats were on the ground.

I have fallen in love with you these days. I can benefit from the massaging of the spine on the mat. My hips are usually in a better place so I have more control. I am on very cushy carpet in this picture, so make sure you protect your spine when doing this exercise.

Union Station is beautiful historic hotel in Nashville that I fell in love with as a teen. The first time I went to the hotel was for a photo shoot with Italian Vogue. I had no warning. My mom picked me up in the middle of ballet class and then I was wearing spring Prada in the freezing cold outside. I had not heard of Prada and wondered if it was something I could get at Dillards.

I was clueless about so many things at 16. I lived my life in dance studios and the theater. I homeschooled so I didn’t have non-theater people around. But Rolling Back, you taught me that it was ok to not know what is going to happen next. To not know if you were going to roll right off the mat. You gave me lots of skills to learn how to fall well. You taught me the importance of getting my spine straightened out, which I eventually did in college. Thank you Rolling Back for teaching me how to fall without looking back.



Photography by Jennifer Gouge