March Matness- One Leg Circle



Dear One Leg Circle,

You help me find out what is happening in my hips each day. My right hip was dislocated when I was born, so my hips need extra attention. You always massage my hips in a much needed way. As I move my leg within my hip, I can feel if there is stability or not. I can make informed choices for the next exercises based on how we get along. Sometimes my circles are big, sometimes they are tiny and I bend my bottom leg. But I can always count on you to get me grounded in my hips.

Pilates is important to me because this method of exercise builds up the muscles around and inside my hips. I don’t have to worry about wearing my hips out because Pilates supports my hips. After growing up dancing and spending a good portion of my life with my legs turned out, I have to consciously work my body to avoid a hip replacement. The One Leg Circle helps me to challenge my hip stability by working one leg at a time. Working through the inner thighs and the back of the hips and legs helps to develop this stability.

1996 was the year I started dedicated Pilates classes and the Bicentennial of Tennessee. There were celebrations across the sate. The Bicentennial Mall was completed and opened. This is a huge beautiful park where I’ve been to free concerts and learned a lot about Tennessee history. I still love to visit the mall and just like with Pilates, I see something new every time I am there.



Photography by Jennifer Gouge