March Matness- Push Up

Dear Push Up,

I definitely couldn’t do one to save my life until about 2011. I learned how to build up my arm strength by doing Push Ups on my hands and knees. The Push Up to me, is where quality overcomes quantity in Pilates the most. You can do one to three good Push Ups and be done. You’ve done plenty of arm work throughout the Mat already. You have been in this position and prepped for this exercise throughout. So three more good ones and you are done.

Parnassus Books is a special place for me. This store replaced (as best they could) my favorite independent bookstore Davis Kidd, a few years after they closed. @parnassussbooks is owned by Ann Patchett and Karen Hayes. I was lucky enough to have my book signing and launch party there. They are the best at recommendations, have amazing events and have the friendliest booksellers around. Ann Patchett recommended a book for me, through a mutual friend who gave it to me for Christmas one year. It was like magic how she knew exactly what I wanted to read.

I decided to become a Pilates teacher so I would have time to write and finish my book. I did not realize teaching Pilates is what I am meant to do. I did not realize that I should combine the two and write about Pilates. This is the perfect blend of my skills. Just like I never thought I would like Pilates, let alone want to teach it, I didn’t think I could combine the two. Pilates has taught me many things but most important, the more I don’t want something, the more I need it. So I try not to skip the dreaded Push Up at the end of the Mat.



Photography by Jennifer Gouge