March Matness- Sidebend

Dear Sidebend,

You challenge my lateral strength to the maximum. You are like the smart little kid that knows exactly how to manipulate the people around them to get exactly what they want without them even knowing what’s happening. There is not much complexity in your looks. But in practice, there’s not much that isn’t complex. You say, “Hey, I bet you can balance on your side on one hand and one leg with the other leg on top!” And my waist or my balance says simply, “ha.” I sure can try though. And I do try. Sometimes I wobble. Sometimes I curse. Sometimes I fall but I’m not far from the mat and falling is something I do well. Then there are the days when my body says, “Yes! We can and will do this!”

This is Rachel’s garden at The Hermitage. Gardens alway remind me of how sometimes you plant things and they don’t grow. Or one year bulbs will bloom but other years not. The conditions have to be right. In order to balance on your hand and the side of your foot some things need to be in the right place. Sometimes you need your hand to be on the ground rather than a chushy mat for better stability. Sometimes the balance just isn’t going to happen. But nothing grows if nothing is planted. So plant the seeds. Try the movement. Figure out what conditions work for your body.




Photography by Jennifer Gouge