March Matness- Teaser

Dear Teaser,

You have a ton of options for our relationship. You just might be the most versatile exercise in Pilates. And possibly the most frustrating. You come along when I’m tired. My hips and legs want a break. But you inspire me to keep going anyway. Joesph Pilates teased people with you which is where you got your name. I sometimes enjoy teasing people with you myself. My favorite is sharing new methods to help students find you for themselves. Even though you can be exhausting and frustrating, the look on a student’s face when they achieve the goal is priceless. This is one of the best things about Pilates, that you can find the method and how it works in your own body.

I am doing the Teaser under the waterfall here in the Opryland Hotel. Only a few months before I moved back to Nashville in 2010 there was a terrible flood. Many people still don’t know about the flood or the level of devastation it caused, even though most of the city was under water. The Opryland Hotel had severe flooding. The rest of the country was absorbed with other major news items. But Nashville did what Nashville does best, helped each other and figured it out on their own. I’m sure many people thought they would never get everything cleaned up or problems solved. But they did. Just like people think they will never get the Teaser, but they do.




Photography by Jennifer Gouge