March Matness- Spine Twist

Dear Spine Twist,

You remind me to ground the lower body into the mat and lift from the hips up to twist the spine. Grounding is something I must be reminded to do. You remind me to find my center and let that be where the twist originates. You ask me to find as much length as possible in my spine as it twists. You tell me to look around me to see what is happening outside of my body while also being present in my body.

I imagine myself now as a column at the Tennessee State Capitol. Tall and sturdy. Gaining more strength to hold myself up. I think of the people in the building who also find the opposition and learn how to use it. I think of the many different types of leaders. How regardless of our thoughts on their choices, we need people willing to be seen, willing to take chances and willing to risk their own spines for change.

Thank you Spine Twist for helping me to find the strength I had inside that I didn’t know existed. Thank you for showing me my limits and helping me learn to push them. Pushing our limits is where we find growth, whether in height or in life.




Photography by Jennifer Gouge