How Pilates Can Help Overcome Back Pain

Johnny came to Pilates wanting to solve his back pain issues. His pain was debilitating and kept him from doing things with his friends and family. He wanted a better quality of life and to be able to do more of what he loved. We started with the goal of finding balance and awareness in his body. I taught him the exercises with a focus on the basics and building up to the full exercise over time. If the goal of the Roll Up was to sit up unassisted we worked on lifting the upper body only. As he progressed and had no issues sitting for an exercise we added the Half Roll Down. Now he can do the full Roll Up.

I communicated with Johnny about my goals for him and what he was working toward. He communicated what was happening in his body so we could adjust as needed. We worked together as a team. He has been consistent with his sessions and dedicated to his progress. As a result he has developed strength in his core to protect his back. He has a lot less pain. If he does have pain, he says that it’s nothing compared to what it once was and it does not last as long.

Johnny is now able to enjoy more of the things he loves with his family. He loves going to Disney World and now his trips are more about having fun and less about worrying about and recovery from pain. He uses his tools he’s learned when on the verge of pain to avoid it and keep having fun instead.

If you have back pain here are some exercises you can do to focus on the basics and develop strength in your core to avoid pain. If you would like your own customized plan to get stronger and overcome back pain you can schedule a virtual Pilates session here. No Pilates equipment necessary! Just a computer, internet access and speakers or wireless headphones.