Pilates After Pregnancy

This is my friend and student Maggie. I’ve been teaching her for years and through the different seasons of becoming a mother. Once she was pregnant we treated her Pilates program like training for a marathon. We built up exercises, like squats, that would be helpful for the marathon of childbirth. We found the right exercises and stretches that made her feel good in her body as it changed and her baby grew. She moved, stretched and strengthened her body while preparing her body and mind for giving birth. We prepared her body for being a mother and picking up a baby and a carseat. She felt confident and ready when it was time to deliver. All the preparation worked and she was able to push for four hours to deliver her baby without getting so fatigued and having to stop. 

Maggie still does Pilates and has amazed me with her progress. Now she exercises with her baby by her side. We work on building up her strength to carry her baby and find the balance in her body after pregnancy. She still works hard. She still makes time for herself, even if it’s less than before. As a result she is building strength and working through the challenges being a mom can create in your body. Six months after her baby was born she did Teasers 1-5 in one session! Motherhood can be like a marathon and we are still training. Each week is different and we base each session on her needs for that day. 

If you are a new mom looking to support your body through motherhood I can help. I have a Mommy & Me Pilates class Thursday’s at 4 at Align Wellness Studio and you can sign up here. I also teach virtual Pilates sessions of you can’t make it out of your home or office for a session and you can sign up here