How Pilates Helps With Hip Pain

Kathryn came to Pilates with hip pain. We worked together to make subtle adjustments in her movement. These adjustments have been the difference between restricted movement and her muscles working together for more flow. We worked on balancing out her strength and stretch between both hips and working on helping all the muscles work together. Everyone has a different body so Pilates does not always look the same for each body. Together, Kathryn and I found the right way for her body to do Pilates. There were some exercises that caused pain in certain positions. Now that she does the exercises in a better way for her body, she does not experience pain. As a result, she has less pain feels more successful with her Pilates.

Pilates can also help prepare the body for hip replacement surgery and to recover after. Pilates works the whole body. Taking Pilates before surgery can help you to sit up better in the hospital bed and have less trouble getting around. The muscles around the joint are strengthened and stretched to give some relief before surgery. When you are released from Physical Therapy after surgery, Pilates helps the body adjust to the new joint and keep it in place. There is also a focus on adjusting movement patterns that often wore the original joint out in the first place.

My hip was dislocated during birth. Pilates helped me find solutions to deal with hip pain since I was a teen. Through Pilates, I found the awareness to feel how my body was working through the movement. I have balanced out my hips through consistent Pilates practice. I have less pain and my body moves better as a result.

If you want to see how Pilates can help you I have a couple open spots for in person and virtual sessions. For more information email or schedule your in person session here.

Kathryn on the Shortbox doing the Twist and Reach.

Kathryn on the Shortbox doing the Twist and Reach.