March Matness- Kneeling Sidekick

Dear Kneeling Sidekick,

You are the Sidekick to the original Sidekicks. You take the balance challenge, the work in the hips, seat and legs, and take it to the next level. I find you quite challenging but sometimes I pick you over the regular Sidekick. If laying on my hip is too painful, I can do this instead. This doesn’t mean it’s easier, but I know I need all the side work I can get. Doing the Sidekicks in whatever way works that day is sometimes a better choice for my body than pushing through both exercises. Kneeling Sidekick, you help me to find the work in the best way possible for my body.

The Bicentennial Mall also has lots of options for me to make good choices for my body. I can take a walk on the sidewalk around the mall. I can get some healthy food at the Farmers Market. I can even challenge my brain by learning new things about my home state. Bicentennial Mall, you are kind of like the Sidekick to the State Capitol up the hill. You represent all the work that has led up to what they fight for at the Capitol today.