Realistic Resolutions

I love having goals, setting them, working toward them and then hopefully accomplishing those goals. I have been a goal-oriented person for a long time. There have been times when obstacles stood in my way of accomplishing those goals. Sometimes I made the wrong goals. But every year since at least I was 19, I have made goals and resolutions for the New Year. Even if I do not do everything I want to do I always have something to work toward.

I am a type A, Aries so I can get very fired up about the things I want to do. Last year I made a lot of goals. I organized them by category: attitude, business, health and relationships. I did get some key things accomplished but by no means did I even get halfway through my list. There were simply too many things to do.  I am very happy with what I did accomplish. 

This year I am changing my approach.  This year I have streamlined my list to a more realistic list of goals. Instead of having a ton of things I want to do, I have picked a few things to focus on. Then I added what I need to do in order to accomplish those goals. When I have a a plan of action, even if it is just a few simple ideas, I will be more likely to accomplish my goals. Since I work for myself, I find having the structure of a year of things to accomplish very helpful in avoiding stagnation. Instead I find growth in my business and myself.

When I teach Pilates, I like to share with clients the goal of the exercise. That way they know what they are working toward and why they are doing it. Now my clients sometimes ask me the goal of a new exercise if I have not told them yet. They want to know what to work towards. I ask them to share their goals with me so I can help them on that journey. I am realistic with my clients about what I expect from them and how I want them to work towards my goals for them and their own. When we are both on the same page we tend to reach the goal faster. As a result many of my clients have surpassed what they thought they were capable of in their Pilates practice and their lives.

The main goal for me this year has to do with attitude. I am going to give less fucks about stupid stuff. I will still care fiercely about important things. But all the energy I would spend on worrying about things that are not important I am going to send to the important stuff. I am going to take more risks and if I fail, then at least I tried. Because what is life if we don’t fall flat on our face in the pursuit of happiness?