2016: Not the Worst for Me

2016: Not the Worst for Me


While most people have been talking about how much 2016 has sucked and were making dumpster fire ornaments to commemorate, I have been having an awesome year. There were some things I am for sure sad and upset about, most recently, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.  I am not at all trying to negate people’s feelings about this year, a lot of bad things have happened. I tend to have a great year when the rest of the world is just surviving. In the past once things got better for everyone else I have had a crappy year. I hope that is not the case for the future but I have to appreciate my good fortune while I have it.

I had many wonderful things happen this year. I was incredibly lucky to get to travel all over the world. This year I traveled to the following cities:






Los Angeles






Tiny Town

I love to travel. I am not always good at setting time aside to do that. Since I was eight years old I have wanted to go to Paris and make my own perfume. This year I finally did that. I was lucky enough to spend my first trip there with my husband. After going to Los Angeles a number of times I had not been there since 2010. I finally was able to go back again this year on a last minute trip to see my friend Marilu Henner on Dancing With the Stars. That trip was transformative and important. She danced the best she danced the whole competition that night.

The book that took me eight years to write, But First... A memoir of a backwards life, has finally been released. People are reading it and loving it! I also was lucky enough to fulfill my life long dream of having a book signing, at Parnassus Books of all places, after attending the Southern Festival of Books and going to Davis Kidd for the first time as a child. My book is getting great reviews and feedback. People I never thought would care about me, know me and have read my book.

Most of all, I have so enjoyed my first year of marriage to my wonderful husband Steven. We have had so many adventures together and I can’t wait for more. I have learned a lot about myself and I have felt stronger and more confident so that I have been able to grow and do all these amazing things. I have found it easier to take risks, not that I did not take risks before, but I feel better about it knowing that I have him by my side no matter what happens.

I remember this time last year I was thinking about how I had arrived at a new place in my life. I was married, my book was in its final stages and my Pilates business was going well. I was not sure where to go from there. I knew that I needed to make a plan for the next stage of my life. I knew that I needed goals and something new to work toward. I never could have guessed how amazing this year would be or how much I would actually accomplish. But here I am again, ready for the next stage. I have a new plan and new goals for 2017. More on that next week.

I hope that however this year has turned out for you that next year is better. I wish you health, healing and hope for 2017. Happy New Year!