Taking Risks

I have talked myself out of so many things. But what if this happens? What if I sound stupid? What if, what if, what if? Risk can be too much for me. Somehow if it’s a big thing, it’s not such a big deal though. The bigger the risk, it seems the less I think about it. There are times I have surprised myself with my risk taking. I moved to New York City all by myself at 18 years old like it was no big deal. Maybe it was because I wanted it so badly for so long. I would see people from Nashville when I came home for holidays and they were so impressed that I moved “to the big city” not really knowing anyone and without family. To me I just saw it as the next thing I had to do in life. I wasn’t waiting around to know people or have family to go with me. When I look back on some of the bigger risks I’ve taken, I think about how things could have gone so wrong. But yet they didn’t and I lived to tell the tale. 

Writing my book was a huge risk. There were stories I was worried about sharing with the world. I was worried about repercussions. Then I realized I that there was more to the story than the secret I was worried about sharing. There was a lesson there, entertainment value or something relatable. Whenever I do poetry readings the stories and poems I am the most worried about reading out loud in front of people are usually the ones that have had the best response. Afterward I feel kind of silly for being worried about sharing those things. Especially when people tell me how much my words meant to them. I am so good at making myself nervous about stupid stuff. I have noticed lately that the nerves are just markers of a good risk.

My friends over at Creative Souls Tribe have the theme of being fearless this month. Some of us in the tribe talked recently about how fear is a liar. This is something I know but I need to keep reminding myself of this.

My husband is a big help when I need to be pushed out of my comfort zone when there is a risk to take. Sometimes I push back but I’m always happy once I get to the other side. And so far he has been right about taking those risks. I was waiting for the right moment today to take a big risk and instead missed my chance. I see now how just taking the opportunity when it presented itself could have led to bigger and better things than just waiting.

I am going to listen to the nerves this month, and let them tell me I’m on the right track. I won’t sit back and wait for opportunity. I will instead seek it out. I hope you will join me in being fearless this month.

Have you missed out on an opportunity because you were too afraid to take a risk? Share your hindsight in the comments!


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