Where Are You Putting Your Effort?

I was teaching a Pilates class recently and saw a client putting all her effort for the exercise into her neck instead of using her abdominals to move her body. Pilates is all about the abdominals but sometimes it is much easier to let other muscles take over. Many times it is much easier once you put the effort in the correct muscles to do the exercise correctly.

I was reminded that sometimes we put our effort in the wrong places in our lives as well. I have been guilty for putting too much effort into friendships that are going nowhere, or projects that it’s just not the right time to try. Sometimes I have trouble letting go. But just like after a fire or a flood you must sort through whats left to see what can be saved, what must go and what needs to be replaced. I am looking at the current state of things and sorting out what I can while I am in a good place.

I am a stubborn Aries and I sometimes see struggle as a challenge. This state exhausts me. I have more natural energy when I am focused on the right things. I am a better person when I am focused on the things that support me rather than tear me down. I am doing my best to stay on that path. I want to change the habit of pushing something that’s not working into putting more effort into pushing something that is successful.

We all have struggles and we have to decide which struggles are worth the fight. I am going to change the negative tapes and make a list of other things to think about and work toward when the useless struggle is trying to take over. I am going to use these last few weeks of the year to be happy about the wonderful things I do have and work on the things that are supporting me.

Is there something you need to step back from? Is there something you need to make more time for? Let me know in the comments!

Next week is my book signing and launch party at Parnassus Books in Nashville, TN. The party starts at 6:30 and I hope to see you there! Details coming soon on how to order my book if you can’t come to the party.