Transformation Tuesday: Helping Pilates Teachers Battle the Blank Page

Writing about Pilates is not always an easy thing. The blank page sometimes taunts, “Will anyone read this? Do you have anything to say?” The blank page has won many battles, with many teachers and let them stay silent. No Pilates teacher should feel like they can’t share their thoughts on this work. This is a battle that can be won.

I decided to help Pilates Teachers win the battle with the blank page. I've been witness to many negative beliefs of writing about Pilates. Through helping teachers find the right strategy and words to share their work, I’ve seen negative beliefs turn into confidence, more clients and less struggle to find the right words. The most interesting thing I’ve witnessed, is people with 'nothing to say' have the most words and are the most expressive. They just needed someone to come and turn the knob on the word faucet for the flow to start.

I have facilitated this work in a few ways. Whether I’m leading a writing circle or working one on one, the results are always positive. I love watching the process of creation. I can see the light in their eyes brighten as the idea starts to form. They become more confident as they read their words and find them to be well received. The myths are disproved as they hear how much others appreciate their writing. I love watching the progression of the story, from prompt to full post. Sometimes the writers think they don't have anything to contribute to the conversation about Pilates. When the process is over they have both the words that express what they have to offer as teacher and the confidence to share it with the world.

Writing does not have to be a solo effort. We all need someone to bounce ideas off of and help us get deeper into our message. No one should have to battle the blank page alone. If you want a guide to get you going, book a 30 minute strategy session with me here. We can work on clarifying your message to help you battle the blank page, share it and get more clients you want to work with. If you want to join a writing circle, sign up for my email list here to be notified of the next opportunity. I look forward to writing with you!