Transformation Tuesday: Writing about Pilates

I have been a writer and storyteller for my entire life. When I became a Pilates Teacher I had zero desire to write about Pilates. I kept writing and Pilates separate. But it’s 2019 and if you are doing something with your life, that you want others to participate, in you must write about it. I was challenged to write about my personal experience with Pilates on Instagram, to get more clients. I did not want to do this but I did it anyway because I had to try everything. This was something I had skills to do and could start right away.

I felt kind of clueless at first. Would people want to hear what I had to say? Would people criticize me? Would the Pilates Police come after me? Despite the fear, I started right away. I don’t back down from a challenge.

After a month of writing about Pilates and my place within it, I learned a lot of things:

  1. People did want to hear what I had to say. I was blown away by the positive response I got from people I both knew and never met. People told me they loved what I had to say about Pilates and they looked forward to it everyday.

  2. I received a lot more traction from posts where I talked about classes, rather than when I simply told people what time class was and where. Yes, this takes more time but it was worth it when I had more people that were excited about my class showing up to take it.

  3. I got more clients. I started off with a few more clients within the 30 days and worked my way up to more clients than I could handle. Because I was regularly sharing about why I liked Pilates, what it did for me and my clients, I was able to share this information in person too. I had accidental talking points I could work from, to speak to specific types of people about Pilates.

  4. I became more clear about what I liked to do best. I had a much better idea of who I wanted to teach and why. I thought more about my teaching in order to share it with my followers. Through that process, I discovered what I didn’t like so much anymore. I was able to get very clear on the populations I liked to teach best and write specifically to those people.

  5. Because I was regularly sharing about what I liked to teach and who I liked to teach, the studio where I taught also paid some attention to this. If there was a new client that was pre or post knee replacement, I didn’t have to remind them I could teach this person, as I did that regularly on the internet. This was another opportunity for new clients.

  6. The Pilates Police do not exist!

Writing about Pilates does take some time and consideration. But just like practicing Pilates, the more you do it the less time it takes to do it and do it well. Writing about Pilates changed my life in many ways. I found my voice again and used it for good. I built up my business and adjusted it as needed. I started a new business. But most of all I fell in love with the method from a different place and found myself doing Pilates a lot more. If you would like some support to write effectively about Pilates. Sign up for my email list here. You will get five tips for writers block and more information about working with me. If you want to get right to it, you can book a one on one here.