The Language of Pilates Week One: My Least Favorite Phrase

My least favorite phrase I hear as a Pilates Teacher is, “I am so out of shape.” This is a negative way to talk about yourself. As a teacher it’s hard to hear. I want students to have a positive attitude about their bodies. I do believe part of my job is to help them uncover or reiterate that through movement.

I decided to find a counter statement to my least favorite phrase. This information can be shared without negative language. Now when I hear this I say, “You might be out of practice, but you are not out of shape.” Saying you are out of practice shares the information that can make way for a solution, without saying something negative about yourself. If you are out of practice and don’t feel great about that, you can start practicing again. You might need to adjust your practice but simply moving can create major change. Chances are getting started again will make you feel better. 

When I felt uncomfortable in my body, I decided to change the way I spoke to myself. There is scientific research that proves our bodies react negatively to negative language. I took into account how I felt and asked what I needed to feel better, instead of just saying negative things about myself. When I asked myself helpful questions and made the answers happen, positive change occurred. As a teacher, I speak to my students in a positive way. I try to ask them questions in a way that they can respond positively. 

Check out my blog and Instagram through the month for more on this consideration of our words within our business. In the meantime let me know below, how do you navigate negative self talk?