Training for Trips

Training for Trips

Have you ever dreaded vacation? Worried about the toll walking more than normal, carrying heavy bags and excessive standing can have on your body? Getting ready for vacation can be so much more than getting “swimsuit ready”. Some vacations like going to Europe, theme parks or hiking trips could benefit from their own preparation. Lots of walking and standing can result in pain in your feet and lower back, along with tightness in your hips and legs. Pilates can help you find balance, strength and flexibility in your body. This can help to alleviate pain and tightness in your body. I can help you get ready for your trip through private and small group Pilates training!

I had a client with a severe fear of heights and vertigo that was going on a hiking tour of Italy. With Pilates, I helped her to become more comfortable with heights, become more stable in her body so she felt more confident along the cliffs she was walking alongside and she had less issues with vertigo. She also became more flexible, found she could sleep better and with her doctor decided she no longer needed medication to help her sleep. As an added bonus, her friends and family noticed the changes in her body within weeks. She loved Pilates so much she continued after her trip.

Another client went to Disney World for a week for a trip to the park and also a 5K. Normally he would dread vacation and not let himself get excited about any aspect of the trip. He was worried that the things he was most excited about could be the thing he would have to miss out on due to pain. Before Pilates, he would have back pain and needed a break after a couple of days of walking, standing and rides. After six weeks of Pilates with me he had no issues while on his trip. He kept up with some of the exercises while he was away and it helped him to have a pain free and much more enjoyable trip.

Another client that has been training with me consistently for the past few years just returned from a trip to Paris with her daughter and husband. I sent her off with a customized travel workout. She returned to tell me she had a great trip without pain! Her family complained about lower back, leg and foot pain but she fit in her workout a few times and was pain free!

Do you have a vacation coming up that could benefit from some special training? I would love to help! I have customizable packages available. Some exclusions apply. Email me at me for more info!