How Pilates Helps With Body Awareness

Pilates helps with body awareness by slowing movement down and helping you to exercise from a mindful place. Pilates asks you to think about what you are doing. When you first start Pilates you often work on the basic exercises, learning what the exercises are, then learning how to do them well. Pilates asks for quality movement with less repetitions rather than lots of repetitions and sloppy execution. If you can do one good repetition that is great. 

Kelly came to Pilates after major weight loss. She was working with a personal trainer and he recommended she try Pilates to get better body awareness. I often ask my clients where they are feeling things and Kelly often responds with “my brain.” 

I love this! We should be thinking about the movement while we are doing it. She has developed a lot more body awareness and this has translated to better understanding of what she is doing in Pilates as well as her personal training sessions. Kelly has found more strength and flexibility.

Kelly has a history of neck and shoulder pain. The strength she gained from Pilates has helped hold herself up better. Her posture has improved and this has lessened the neck and shoulder pain. She has tools to help with pain so even when she doesn’t have a session she can solve issues on her own. She even found relief from some issues from pregnancy over five years ago that were not addressed. 

I can see the change in her confidence. She was a powerful business person the first time she walked in the door. Now that power and confidence has spread to her movement as well. I love seeing the transformation in my students. Kelly has demonstrated a willingness to commit to her goals, to ask questions when she doesn’t understand and to trust the process. I consider myself so lucky to teach her. If you are looking for more body awareness I only have a few spots for private sessions left. You can schedule a virtual Pilates session here or email me about in person in Nashville, TN.