Change Your Mindset to Change Your Life

People often ask me how I made big changes in my life this past year. They often say they are having trouble with something. Either it’s making time to do things for themselves, having trouble making healthy food choices or not having motivation to exercise. I always ask if they have tried meditation. This is where I started. I started with breath, closing my eyes and giving myself space. I did not set out to lose weight. I did not set out to change my business. I did set out to make myself feel better. The other things came along as a result of changing my mindset.

I knew that had to start in my mind. I had a lot of unhealthy things filling up my mind. I had to give myself space to breathe through those lies in order to receive the truth. When I brought in outside help to find more solutions, I was in the right mindset to accept their advice, to take the permission to take care of myself. But first, I had to change my mindset and that started with meditation. 

I mostly use the free app Insight Timer. I do a lot of guided meditations but I also use the timer on the app. Best case scenario, I meditate before work. Sometimes I meditate at work when I have a break. Sometimes I just sit in my car, close my eyes and breathe deeply for a few minutes. I try to meditate everyday for at least five minutes. Sometimes I do it a few times throughout the day. 

How does meditation make me feel? Meditation has opened up my mind to more positive thinking, which has led to more positive action. My nature and my job is to care for others and help them care for themselves. This is part of the core of who I am. I love people so much, that in the past I forgot to turn that inward and love myself. Taking the time to meditate gives me the time and space to remember to give myself love first. That way I can go out into the world and love others from a grounded healthy place. 

Meditation has helped me to clear my energy and open myself up spiritually to so many wonderful things. I have been on a journey and it started with breath, closing my eyes and opening myself up to the possibilities that were inside of me the whole time. I only had to give myself the time and space to dig them up. 

What is your experience with mediation? Has it been a struggle? Has it been a simple thing to add? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.