Autumn Leaves

As the last summer breeze
Blows the first autumn leaves
From the trees
I feel your grip
Slowly start to slip
From my hand

You change from hot
To cold
As the wind
Blows across my face

I thought it was not just a fling
There was more to it
But as the seasons changed
So did you

When I picked up the phone
I could tell from your tone
What you were going to say

Out of nowhere
The clouds burst around me
My heart shattered
My windshield covered in rain
The tears started down my face

I knew I was in trouble
When your kiss made me weak in the knees
Nothing good ever comes of losing control
Of losing your heart

The leaves have fallen
And now crumple beneath my feet
I learned my lesson
I won’t change with the seasons
I’ll stand tall and stay strong
Like an evergreen