Broken Tired Rusty

Broken bobby pins
Elastic ends
Bits of lambs wool

Crack in a mirror
Rusty metal barres
Rusty body
Rusty brain

Pieces of a life gone by
This tired body wants to pick them up
Put them back together
See what happens

Maybe I can do it
Maybe I can weave the frayed ends back together
Maybe life will change

Find the skinny mirror
Stand in the back
Watch what happens

Old friends
People that don't remember me at all
But I remember life in those halls

I want to feel the lift
Be the swing
Try the fouette
Lose myself in the turn

Open up the fractured pathways
From eyes to ears to brain
From brain to body
From heart to hands

Try to remember the translation
Of the words to movement
Of the French to English
Slowly coming back
Starting to feel

Becoming the leap
Feeling the beat
Letting the music
And the movement
Complete me

My favorite old pointe shoes