With Pilates, I can help you achieve your fitness goals and make your body better, from back pain to balance, and everything in-between.

I help clients make subtle changes in their movement, to create big changes in their body.

What is Pilates? 

Pilates helps you gain strength and control in your core. You learn to work from your center to increase strength, stability and flexibility throughout your body.  It helps you do everything better: posture is improved, golf handicaps get lower, joint pain is relieved and all your physical activity improves. Even sitting at a desk becomes less taxing on your body.

One of my clients has found that better posture from Pilates has relieved her neck pain from sitting at a desk all day. One of the major benefits of Pilates is that you are able to work from your own level of challenge. If an exercise does not work for your body, there are modifications to include and build strength in everyone.

What’s special about the way that I teach?

My clients love my attention to detail and ability to find tweaks in the movement or alignment to help them better execute the exercises. I have continuing education to work with clients pre and post knee and hip replacement surgery. I am also Certified to teach the Arcus Bar which supports the body to take your Pilates practice to the next level. I use my experience and attention to detail to help clients find their own path to the movement. 

I believe in the foundation of Pilates. 

A healthy understanding of the foundational basics will get you further in Pilates than rushing through the exercises with no regard for form. I teach quality of movement over quantity. 

Where can you take Pilates with me? 

I teach Pilates at Align Wellness in Nashville, TN. I also teach long-distance sessions over Skype or FaceTime. All sessions are 50 minutes. 

If you would like to schedule an online session click the book button. Email hollowayheather@mac.com for in person or questions.

How often should I do Pilates?

Most people find that two to three sessions per week (combo of private and group) work to help them achieve their goals. If you can only take Pilates once a week, it will still work. As with anything in your mind and body, consistency is key. 

What are your rates? 

I have a one-time introductory package of two in person private sessions for $99.

The following rates are for private sessions at Align Wellness and online.

Photography by Jennifer Gouge

Photography by Jennifer Gouge


Private Session • $75

Package of Ten • $680

Package of 20 • $1280

Duet Session • $55 per student Package of Ten • $480 per student

Package of 20 • $900

Trio Session • $45 per student

Package of Ten • $400 per student

Package of 20 • $720

Tower Classes • $25 drop in

Package of Ten • $230

Package of Twenty • $400