How Does Pilates Make You More Confident?

Pilates builds you up. Your body and mind are exercised together to build a strong foundation for life. The basic exercises are the building blocks for later challenge. After working on the basics, more challenge is added, when you are ready. You work on the added challenge and then you learn new things. You are building a house brick by brick. When your foundation is strong, you can be more ornate with the bricks. You know what you are capable of because you have this foundation and practice, as proof of your capabilities. You can test your strength and push your limits. 

Pilates helps me have a strong foundation of strength and balance. When I practice a challenging standing exercise and there is some wobble, I can feel where I need to work more. I use my Pilates time to focus on my body and where it is in space. Then when I go out in the world and my balance is challenged, I can catch myself better.  

My clients tell me Pilates helps them to be more confident in their everyday activities. They know they can climb a ladder to get something of a high shelf safely. They know they can get down on their knees to get something out from under the bed and still get up by themselves. I see their confidence when they ask for what they need. I see their confidence extend to work. They stand up for themselves in their relationships. Pilates helps them see their strength in action. They are able to use that strength beyond physical activity. 

Pilates helps me to know where my strength is, what I am capable of and where I can gain more strength. I do not stumble through life. I walk with confidence. I have confidence in my body and what it can do for me. I know how strong I am. I know I can accomplish things with my strength. I practice these things on a regular basis. When life tries to knock me off my balance, Pilates helps me get right back up. How has Pilates made you more confident?