March Matness- Double Leg Kick

Dear Double Leg Kick,

I’ve tried hanging out with you in many different ways. There are definitely some options. I’ve tried with my hands held behind my back and together. I’ve tried just the lower body movement. I’ve tried with my arms apart. And let’s not forget our friend the Magic Circle between the hands. That first time with the circle stands out. Students are sometimes frustrated with your coordination. But the things you bring to the mat are important. There is some real challenge with the way you stretch the front of the body while working the back of the body. Sometimes there are questions like is my neck long enough? Where should I look? What is happening with my hips? But you do a lot for strengthening the back of my body and I always need more of that.

Centennial Park is also a great place for arts instruction. Whenever I couldn’t take my regular classes at Nashville Ballet due to being in other shows or they were on break, I would take ballet at the Centennial Preforming Arts Studios. I was dedicated to my dancing. Once I could drive I would go to the adult class in the morning and then TPAC in the afternoon for the show of the moment. I did return to take a modern class about five years ago. There was a mix up and I ended up taking my first ballet class since about 2001. I struggled through it, but without Pilates I wouldn’t have even been able to do that.  Thank you Double Leg Kick for working the back of my body so I can even attempt things today, that I crushed as a kid.




Photography by Jennifer Gouge