Free Pilates and Travel Event Saturday!

Does travel take a toll on your body? I will never forget laying on the floor of the hotel after my first day walking up and down the hills of San Francisco. Even after all my years of dancing my legs never hurt so much in my life. Travel can take a toll on your body with long flights, lots of walking and just getting out of your normal routine. I have found that Pilates helps me to deal with the demands travel makes on my body. I have more strength and stamina to walk long distances. My joints are healthier so long flights do not cause as much joint pain as they used to. Had it not been for Pilates I would never have made it up the circular staircase from the Catacombs deep below the streets of Paris. Trust me, that is not a place you want to be stuck. 

I have a free event coming up this Saturday for people that love to travel and would like some tips on how to make travel a better experience for their bodies. I have partnered with a travel agent, also named Heather, who will be sharing some information about wellness centered travel options. I will help you find ways to move before, during and after your trip to help you have a good physical experience. Travel Heather will help you find out about new destinations to take a health centered trip. I will be leading movement and helping you to find ways to get your body ready for your trip, handle stress on your body during your trip and ways to recover after. We will also have some food and a door prize! If you would like to join us on this adventure you can sign up on Eventbrite. Make sure you wear clothes you can move in as there will be movement opportunities for those that want them. 

One easy tip is to bring a tennis ball with you in your suitcase. My feet can get really tight after hours of walking longer distances than usual. Put your tennis ball on the floor somewhere it won’t slide around. If you have trouble with balance make sure you put hold onto something stable like a door frame or the wall. Then gently roll your foot around the ball, paying extra attention to the arch of your foot. This will help alleviate some tightness in the feet and get you ready for the next activity. I try to do this a few times a day if possible and I can walk without pain!