Give Less Fucks

I am a person that cares. So much. I had a friend that used to say if you have good news tell Heather because I cared so damn much about the people around me. If they were winning I was excited. This has not changed but I have realized lately that I care way too much. I spend too much energy caring about things I have no control over and it has got to stop.

I was talking with a client recently and noticed that she also was giving more weight to some things that didn't need it. I said "You have too many fucks." As I said it I realized I was also guilty of this.

 "That's what my son said!" She replied.

 "I have too many fucks also. Let's make 2017 the year of giving less fucks!"

She agreed and we high fived to seal the deal.

I think we let ourselves get distracted with things that we can't control sometimes to take our minds of the things we can change. There are things that are important that we need to care about. I care fiercely about my health. I spend a lot of energy working on staying healthy. I am constantly spending my energy on making sure my food is safe and has no allergens so I don't get sick. I have many things I need to remember to do throughout the day to support my health. Then there is exercise and that is a delicate balance.

Sometimes there things are too hard to let go of. Frustration we cannot control can be in your face multiple times a day, like traffic. Then there are the things we are entangled in don't know how to let go. Sometimes we are so deep in it we have trouble finding a way out. Well no more. I am standing over that hole with a rope. I hope you take hold and climb up it with me.

 Do you have some things you need to stop caring about? Let me know in the comments. Next week I will share some helpful ideas for giving less fucks.